Saturday, December 25, 2010

2010 Christmas Letter!

Our Christmas Card – Better Lazy Than Never

As you can see, we’re taking the easy way out on sending Christmas cards this year, but we thought this would be a mild improvement over doing nothing. For those really gung-ho readers, we’ve included several hypertext links for extra enjoyment, which actually makes this better than a real Christmas card—well, not really, but it is cool.

Sadie is now 8 and runs as fast as a cheetah. She does exceptionally well running the mile, though Dad can still keep up with her for now. She continues to play soccer and she enjoys her myriads of stuffed animals. Our highlight for Sadie this year was her red flamingo Halloween costume—one of the coolest costumes ever!

Ashley is almost 11. This summer Ashley attended a week of Girl Scout camp in the mountains, where she learned archery and lots of camp songs, which she still sings. She also got to participate in a music camp with the Chandler Children’s Choir. Ashley loves watching the Amazing Race, so she had her own amazing race birthday party this year—her team got second. Ashley’s interests and activities include soccer, dancing, baking cookies, sewing, playing with little kids, and posing for photographs.

Girl Scouts has kept both Sadie and Ashley busy. In the Spring, they competed in the Powderpuff Derby – the girl version of the Pinewood Derby – with great success (Ashley; Sadie). Last month, they marched in the Tempe Veterans’ Day parade. And earlier this month, they sang Christmas songs to help raise money for the Salvation Army. Their fundraising efforts got them on TV.

Patrick is 14 and a freshman in high school. He loves to scooter, make scooter videos, edit scooter videos, surf scooter websites and talk about scootering. When he’s not doing those things, he enjoys watching scooter videos. Patrick saved his money and recently bought his own video camera so that he doesn’t have to borrow ours anymore to film himself scootering. Patrick runs the mile in track in the springtime and is soon to start training again. We are also very happy that Patrick completed his Boy Scout Eagle project in October and hopefully will be receiving his Eagle Scout award in the coming months. One special note for Patrick: in the Spring he received an award for 1st in Arizona and 7th in the nation for his age group for his essay in a stock market game contest.

Cindy continues to sew for our kids and the Chandler Children’s Choir. This past winter, she also sewed the dresses for the middle school Show Choir. Her business, Cindy’s Custom Creations, keeps her busy when she’s not volunteering at the girls’ elementary school, leading two Girl Scout troops or taking care of the rest of us. Right now Cindy is in charge of the school’s spring carnival. Cindy also gets the credit for updating our family blog.

Casey has now worked for the Arizona Attorney General’s Office with specific responsibility for the Arizona Department of Agriculture for over four years. So now you may be wondering what’s the largest crop in Arizona—that would be lettuce. In fact, if you have lettuce in your house right now, there’s a very good chance it came from Yuma, Arizona, the winter lettuce capitol of the world. Casey enjoyed coaching Sadie’s soccer team this Fall and currently assists with the 16-18 year old boys in his ward’s Priest Quorum.

Our Orthodontist had a great year too. Ashley got her braces off just in time for Patrick to get his braces on. We had about a two-week window in between, which we used to get our family picture taken. (We have copies to mail out to anyone who would like one.) A few days ago, Sadie started the process for some braces too. Thank goodness for flexible spending accounts.

Finally, our family had a memorable summer vacation driving to Cascade, Idaho and back for a family reunion. Along the way, we enjoyed the Hoover Dam, the Las Vegas Strip, the Circus Circus midway (to win more stuffed animals for Sadie), Stadium of Fire starring Carrie Underwood, a midnight run to Krispy Kreme, BYU, and Uncle Matt and Aunt Sarah’s farm. In Cascade, we enjoyed family, the lake, and river rafting.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas, with special thoughts on the birth of Him we celebrate.

Casey, Cindy, Patrick, Ashley & Sadie